Tourism for All

The Quality of Reception at the Peucetia Ecomuseum

The project

The launching of the Educational and Cultural System (ECS) has involved the schools through the creation of a wide range of educational activities and theme tours for providing knowledge about the area and its distinctive characteristics. It goes from temporary exhibitions involving a broader public, up to arriving at the current project devoted to targets defined as “weak,” but which can become the “strength” of the communities: families and children, people with disabilities and senior citizens.

The project titled “Tourism for All: The Quality of Reception at the Peucetia Ecomuseum” aims at the creation of guided tours and experimental workshops for “weak users” through the creation of immersive environments and the carrying out of actions that help to ensure greater accessibility to the area’s cultural resources by developing the quality of the increasingly sustainable and responsible offer.

    The project is based on the concept of accessibility, which tends to extend beyond the topic of architectural barriers, arriving at the understanding and promoting of the real possibility of the “universal” enjoyment of the heritage and services.

    The system’s nodal centers and the focal points of the educational and experiential activities are:

    • Swabian Castle – Gioia del Colle
    • Palazzo de Mari – Acquaviva delle Fonti
    • Palazzo Monacelle – Casamassima
    • Caracciolo Castle – Sammichele di Bari
    • Sant’Oronzo Cave - Turi

    SAC Ecomuseo di Peucetia "Tourism for all"