Peucetia Ecomuseum

From welcoming tourists to educational activities

What is the Peucetia Ecomuseum Environmental and Cultural System (ECS)?

Gioia del Colle, Acquaviva delle Fonti, Casamassima, Sammichele di Bari and Turi come together in a network to create the Peucetia Ecomuseum, an enchanting place that tells many stories, a pulsating land that preserves ancient flavors and knowing impressions that speak of art. The thrill of discovering, the pleasure of returning, the wisdom of staying alternate with each other, like in an album that you browse through. The Peucetia Ecomuseum Environmental and Cultural System is an occasion for the creation of a network about this area that focuses on the promotion, enhancement, management and enjoyment of the environmental and cultural heritage. The system’s nodal centers and the focal points of the educational and experiential activities are:

The project constitutes the launching of the ECS system and is aimed at the creation of a consistent educational offering, focusing on the particular features of the area and on the setting up of workshops and theme tours.